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.. If you want to make God laugh, tell Him about your tomorrow's plans

I don't know who first said this phrase and when it was first pronounced. But I do know that almost everyone can recur to it, to say nothing of the reporters. For, working in photojournalism, you never know for sure what this day is going to be like, not to mention tomorrow.

On official business and by chance I have traveled almost all over Belarus. I have been taking photographs of working day routines, political and sport fights, schools, jails, dying villages, first nights of plays, orphan's homes, misfortunes, wedding ceremonies. I have been watching and photographing life by means of my sight and my camera's viewfinder.

It has always been (as well as it will always be!) possible to do it in different ways. But one thing is obvious - it is useless to create a good photograph without empathy, easily and indifferently. Hope and sorrow, happiness and despair, grief and joy they are all relevant to our life and matter first of all due to their sincerity and genuineness. The outstanding master of photography Henri Cartier-Bresson said, “…the fact itself is of no interest. It is the point of view the author approaches this fact which is interesting.” It is the point of view the author approaches this fact which is interesting. Just this very point of view, the author's one, can turn even an insignificant event into a discovery important to others. In this case the photograph will gain a rare capability to live its own life.

I hope the photo gallery of my images will be a fascinating journey for you into the world of sincere feelings which fill man's heart.

Victor Strelkovsky